TMSS Announcements

Announcements for Friday March 22, 2019

High School

Grade 12 Scholarship

Are your parents farmers/pulse growers?  Have you applied to the College of Agriculture for the fall?  See Mrs. Clarke about a scholarship opportunity if you answered yes to both questions.

- Posted By Mari Clarke

Concession the Week

The Concession will be open Monday to Friday THIS WEEK ONLY for lunch!

- Posted By Lorie Perrault

Course Selection Sign-off Sheets

Grade 10 and 11 students are reminded to get their course selection parent sign-off sheets handed in to the office no later than Friday, March 22.

- Posted By Mari Clarke

Credit Union Scholarship

Grade 12 students heading to post-secondary in the fall can pick up Credit Union Scholarship applications from Mrs. Clarke's office.

- Posted By Mari Clarke

GRAD 2019

Graduates, please start bringing your baby picture for the Grad Powerpoint. The last day they will be accepted is April 30th. If your picture is not received by then it will not be on the Powerpoint. Please drop your picture off at the office OR give to Caitlyn Hartman OR send a digital copy to

- Posted By Kelly Andris

Grad 2019 Decorating Committee

So...4/11 of the people who signed up for the committee actually showed up at the first meeting.  The second meeting will be Friday, March 22 in room 136 at noon We will make our final decision on colours then.  If you don't show up, you don't get to have a voice or opinion on it.

I look forward to seeing Payton, Emily, Hayley, Aunnika, Josie, Veronica, Jessica, Paige, Heidi, Ryder and Big T.


- Posted By Leah Madsen

Middle Years

Concession the Week

The Concession will be open Monday to Friday THIS WEEK ONLY for lunch!

- Posted By Lorie Perrault

Grade 9 Course Selection

The following grade 9 students are reminded to hand in their signed course selection sheet to the office ASAP (no later than Friday, March 22):

Deacon Crowell, Ethan Hockey, Radomyr Ieromenko, Kolton Knutson, Destiny Martin, Dagger Nippi-Thomas, Kylie Severight, Terramie Tom, Logan Wright.

- Posted By Mari Clarke



Tuesday - 8/9



Wednesday - 6/7


Thursday - 8/9



Friday - 6/7


- Posted By Dennis Kubat

Jr. Badminton-everyone

There will be a Jr. Badminton practice for everyone on Monday, March 25. The practice will be in the Aud after school.

- Posted By Brian Binning

Mrs Janzen ELA 9

Mrs Janzen ELA 9 - The following students have been assigned to Study Hall today at noon to complete their Norse Character Card.

Caitlyn Blythe

Dawson Chabot

Aidan Parlee

Ethan Hockey

Logan Wright

Derek Wassill

Ethan Van Allen 

If you have finished it remember to turn it in on Google Classroom.  If submitted before noon, your name will be removed.

- Posted By Christina Janzen